A wince from somewhere deep inside
Infrequent and forgotten
At least what I’ve convinced myself;
The feeling is uncommon

No purpose dwelling on these gasps
Which float between the breaths
Besides, I can just sit a while;
And wait till lungs depress

A pinch from place I cannot reach
And never seem to scratch
Whatever here is lost from me
Can’t fit within a patch

Enormous in its subtlety
Elephantine in the room
Will I ever grant it credence?
Or will I take it to my tomb?




Transcending definition
Disposition and declension
The dimension of retention
Just assures my heart’s detention

The oh, and um, and am, and ah
You’re my first and second person
My present, future, perfect, past
Never marginal diversion

For you would spill this very ink
Shatter graphite from constraint
Make blackened flakes where once were lines
And let me fingerpaint

You’re the problem and solution, dear
And your x’s tell me why
Solvent to my sucrose singing
With no disillusioned sigh

You’re the rhythm and the rhyme, my dear
Of scholarly endeavor
Evaluate the consonance
Of u and i together




“Quite a temper on that one”
In truth, it was hardly the case
Born of fierce faulty strikes,
Infrequent, misplaced

Split between craters
On steel drawn cold
Mettle unmelded
With fragmented mold

He was temper, untempered
Lacking temperate shape
Broad and bashed so threadbare
That resistance would break

The tapping of temperance
Frequent and well-placed
Finding genuine sharpness
While in fire, encased

We’re not made by our sorrows
And their ragged indention
If we tap through tomorrow
We can relax retension

We might never leave flames
But grow strong in their wake
And through temperance and tact
Our edge will not break





Soars aloft and free of fletching
Couldn’t wager feelings catching
Nimble as her figure flies
Piercing nimbi from the sky

With tensile limbs and limber timber
Indent my I and let it linger
That gasp before the words I’d write
In pale corpus left to right

Not hard to miss when standing still
By Artemis, moonstricken ill
Amounting pining needles clatter
Mounting forth the moonlit patter

Intentions that a heart would infer
Pretenses plucked from scattered tinder
Let loose with knotted tendency
To knothole carved out tenderly

Soars aloft and free of fletching
I raise my hands in hopes of catching
A nimble figure’s intervention
‘Tween fingers, ribs, and apprehension
Itching with the jasper etching
The kind of face to find me fetching



There You Remain

It wasn’t representative of anything else
Yet you stood there with me for a while
And while I tried to dispel any obligation
There you remained

I’m not quite sure what to hope for anymore
Aspiring for your heart wasn’t right
Yet every time I try to awaken
There you remain

It’s not a question of what you mean to me
But of what I don’t mean to you
And once again I dispel any obligation
Yet there you remain

It’s like some single-minded synapse
Felt happiness once on receiving your name
And in that ill-fitting yearning
There you remain

All my jubilant moments are eclipsed
Only by you in the foreground
And this dark thought worries
If you dispel my love’s obligation
There you’ll remain




The healthiest pill is often most bitter
My attachment the crippling symptom
Sucralose grains in my varcose veins
Kills my heart by not knowing distinction
My reception is lax,
out with my signals
And erstwhile gazes without recognition
When I look to her face, I see none of myself
Quite deserving of reciprocation

Burning her way through,
brain, tear ducts, and tissues
I shatter my smile
Bitter taste lost in crimson
Off track and terminal,
the cure reaches dermal
As virulent chemicals breach from the kernel