It was then I punched the wall
Not to hurt it or hurt me
But rather something unseen,
Hateful and tense
Shamefully paying heed
To the tattered knuckles of necessity

Loosing so much more than composure
Time and affection,
My creative expression,
Mortal and moot
Scraped away like the sole of a boot
And after so many miles,
I don’t really remember whose shoes




Champagne skin
Intoxicates my lonesome nights
Her humor dry and bubbly so,
My drunken heart
Spills doubly, though

Kaliedascopic pheromone
Crystal prism,
Diamond stone,
Swirling sights in subtle home,
These nothern lights of abalone

Leave florid kiss on champagne skin
Warm lip meets glass,
And hails in,
Her arms to mine
And there we spin



Leg bent and gleaming
Straight and sharp, a razors edge
From there upon the blanket’s ledge
Convincing that I’m dreaming,
Midst pale moonlight beaming

She crosses over
Shimmering heat
Razor’s sheen from hip to feet
As artful edges leap from fire
I’m submerged deep,
In hearth’s desire

Poisoned by my love for her
She melts for me like quicksilver
Though often firm in platinum gaze
She curves within that fiery haze

And while her looks could surely kill
The edge is sated, calm and still
Her slopes unbloodied
Leave my heart weak
With steel kisses on my cheek

And while these lines adorn my face
She’s ever sharp, and has a place
Sheathed within the sheets and space
In tranquil arms’ lasting embrace



There’s value found in loneliness
You don’t have to look too far
You might wish for company
But lonesome soul is who you are

It isn’t bad to be with way
And blessed with some perspective
For when you finally give your heart
You’ll be much more protective



Shallow breathing
We lie beside each other
Her chest rising and falling
A weathered boat bobbing up and down
Tied to a post
On a smooth rusted hitch

The black waves below us
Rocking us to sleep like children
Moonlight shimmering on the surface
Like schools of white fish
Experimenting with the taste of air

I wrap my arm around her
And feel the subtle bumps of her ribs
Only to be seen by their slight shadows
Like smooth sand dunes
Spanning a vast pale dessert

As I surrender my view of her
To the greedy hand of sleep
I take one last look to my beautiful oasis
Of soft chalky sand
and obsidian waves