White Lies

Tell me all the sordid things we’d do,
If we were young
And point me to the million stars,
That we’d end up among
These little lies of no surprise
Lay gently on my face
Like effervescent kisses
That I would never erase
Tell me of the way we’d be,
If we had never met
These white lies fill the spaces in,
Of sorrows I forget




Passionate and pliant
Spontaniously reliant
Rebelliously compliant
And cooperatively defiant

This friend I hold so dearly
And whom I loved so nearly
Yet we failed oh so clearly
While we both tried so sincerely



I’m sappy as a Vermont tree
Those amber waves of drain
Like honey that is thick and sweet
Not bubbling like champagne

Wouldn’t turn away vermouth
If I might reach my peak
But sometimes I should rest my bark
My throat is feeling weak

Yet whisk me off to share a drink
Of auburn sarsaparilla
And learn that cheerful poetry
Is not always vanilla

Gold hand grenade
Sour bludgeons sweet
So sometimes with acidic thoughts
The sap makes it complete



Just before the music swells
And symmetric lips connect
I pull my eyes from flickering screen
To feel her on my neck
Eyebrow glints
Her head lists slow
With silk and platinum tangles,
Her fingers gripping
Slight and warm,
They softly warn,
That romance has retaken her
And not forsaken me


This Feeling

The red light buzzes above
It’s raining within the windshield
My brow is tight and raised
My eyes are damp and hazy
But I do not cry, for I can’t find the reason
Some reason to push over that edge
And have the tears wash this feeling away
Whatever that feeling might be
I need vindication
But I can’t find the excuse
I wish this all was not real
That somehow I could live in a fantasy
Where I’m strong,
The protagonist of my own life
I’d have something to make me special
Something to draw someone special
Morality on my skin
Plumes on my back
Being able to fly
But here I sit
Ambiguity welling
The light changes
People pass
But the feeling doesn’t



This loneliness affliction-
Do I desire for this position?
Or is this passive inhibition?

Is lonely how I want to be?
Or was it just necessity?
Is all this really part of me?

Or have a simply learned to cope?
And in routine, found my hope?



These opinions rise and grow
From meaning sown below

But do not sew them in your chest
Or treasure them by heart

For when they climb the garden wall
Your leaves are sprayed apart

Herbicide and verbicide
“Who cares what you have to say?”
“You’ve put too much thought into this”
Greenery clipped away

What’s the point in learning more?
Putting opinions in the sun?
The world will mow you,
To shallowest point
To be like everyone

I won’t stop building what I know
After each and every cleaving
Perhaps opinions fall down low
Without ever really leaving