Send me to a soothing slumber
The weight of warmth
Lies from lovers hands
Jaunt from joint
From head to toe
Sing me off with a sigh
A night of rest with no goodbye




Likely better off dead
Failure in ever word I speak
Every thought I have
Every crack in my spirit
Every dent in my head

I’ve failed my friends
I’ve failed myself
I’ve failed my lover
And failed her health
I’ve failed my hopes
I’ve failed my needs
I’ve failed my future
With every breath that I breathe

I had a love which buried
Every failure in recess
She thought I wasn’t hopeless
And that I was a success
But my failings found a foothold
And my failure caused distress
Seems even love can’t save me
Of my failure, I’m possessed



Bleed for the joke
Die for the joke
Don’t push it away to the back of your throat
Don’t hide with the joke
Confide with the joke
Rattle the walls of their pride with your joke
Break noses with punchlines
Break boundaries with words
The saddest of jokes are the jokes never heard


Unbridled Flame

No good deed goes unpunished
The future seemed so uncertain
So I lit a torch in preparation
But no preemption requires no redemption
And as the flames grew
I knew I’d need to cradle them
Save them from the rain
And stop them from burning my clothes
Yet my hand burns black and thin
And the way is still so long to go
So I coo to the fire
Whispers low and loving
But soft air only stokes the fire
For a moment,
The way forward is bright,
But the walls soon ignite
And I’m hopeless to stop them
Hopeless as always
With light comes shadow
And I am left defeated
In a swirling pool of flame
As dark shadows dance triumphantly
They smother me
And though it once hurt me
I still long for the light



You’re the only idea that I could ever need
The lightbulb which ignites
From the spelling of your name

I’d press to you and print a novel
Would you read it with that voice?
The voice which sent me to the clouds
Is anything but plain in the air

But what goes up, must come down
Like an apple from a tree
I’d give up Eden just for you
You split from me like Adam

And in your wake a fungal cloud
Growing all on its own
I wish that I could do the same,
Ignite the sea,
And find a glowing land for you and me

For you’re my muse
You’re all I need
We’ll grasp the very stars
You’ll see
A brilliant black eternity
Filled with your hand eternally