Forgive my transgressions
Speaking of the exceptions
You’ve taken towards me
Since this failure’s inception

I shoulder the blame
Of my faulty perception
People aren’t all to blame
But you’re the exception




She’s got an ace of spades
A face of stone
A knuckle busted on an earring
She’s got that careful eye
Numerical mind
She knows just when that ace is nearing
She’s got a heart of gold
But it’s been anted
And now the tables slowly clearing
For luck runs out
The bars are dimming
And gambling hearts
Aren’t always winning



Wrapping tight around her chest
My compliments will stay
There, soft upon her silken breast
Hugging her breath away

Her face so flushed
Her posture straight
She coyly walks away
Yet I see the truth
Her neck so blushed
She’s calling me to stay



My passions were never made to please
Anyone except for me
There’s a purity in honesty
Yet a shallow view from company

I never sought to disrespect
As nosy others interject
And hate what they do not expect
Offended with what I protect

Listen to your droning songs
And do not tune to mine
Pretending like there’s something wrong
I still listen, while you whine