It all seems smooth and fine
Until the day you turn your eyes
And see mounds of black and green
Sprouting where it once was clean

All at once and with no warning
Those fuzzy globules grow
The stench of rot, rot and decay
Naught left to do but throw away

Infant grass hills, with stony teeth
Laid out in their jagged rows
Biting earth oh so nearby
Yet at these mounds they stop just shy
Foreign flora wait inside
Dried up vases left beside
Those stony teeth with chiseled sides
The mold of life – to live and die



As she laid in my arms
And the police arrived
I saw the tears well in her eyes
Another evening and another bridge

Her heart torn between two loves
One of flesh, and one of endless rest
The fracture drives her further from me
And closer to Him

At least I hope that some deity awaits her
For her place is among the angels
Where their arms can call to her
As my arms restrain her to this life

So selfish do I wander at night
Howling like a dying animal
As my muse clings between steel beams
Watching the moon’s reflection grow

I was too slow to catch her this time

The police come once again
Only this time
They see me alone
Soon to meet my rippling moon
In the shallow river’s surface

Our bridge to the other side


I cannot contain what I must explain
My love for you clings so tight to my brain
And though I resist and try to restrain
I know that my heart will never refrain
I’ll love you in winter, I’ll love you in flames
I’ll keep running back
Again and again


There was sorrow in her smile
So she took needle to ink
And covered her skin in the darkest stories

Her fears lined her collar
Blood diamonds for a queen
She found luster in pain
And artistry in sorrow
Her pale parchment became a novel
But never a novelty
For her words were dark and beautiful

But there came a day
Where her inkwell ran dry
And her sadness remained
It pains me to say
That she took dry quill to skin
Her words now cold and far away


She is the temperate sheets
As your chest rises and falls beneath
Each breath giving a smooth sensation
Of silk fingers glancing your skin

She is the light shining through
Like a palm held up to the sun
Blocking, but not dimming
Warming, but not burning

She is the car headlights clicking off
As the black sky suddenly fills
With the shimmering diamonds
Like the glistening wall of an onyx mine

She is the momentary glance of an animal
That instant of recognition and cognition
Just before you feel they know you
They’ve gone away

She’s the trail of smoke
Tying the ceiling to the candle’s flame
It burns out, and you see her alone
For a few seconds she slithers upwards
The scent now gone from the room



4:31 AM
Somewhere between days of the week
My mind still lingers in yesterday
As the sun will be crossing my body soon
For a moment I feel happy
Perhaps some sleepy synapse
Sent some coveted dopamine my way
But in an instant it is overpowered
This tired mind recalls a scent
One old, but the thickest of blush fogs
Inbetween a strawberry free of sour
And cotton candy free of synthetics
The pink wisp kisses my cheek
And lounges in my lungs
As the memories better left to yesterday
Momentarily flutter from dream to reality



Caught in a spiral
Not strictly going downwards
Orbiting and bashing
Like a insect by a street lamp
Burning but never crashing
A vessel tearing through the atmosphere
There is no air up here
And no way back home
As I twirl out of control
Without someone to catch me


She was a stranger, no doubt
But she held a familiarity in her face
A brightness which radiated without light
A sweetness which saturated without rot
An afternoon oasis
With tranquil shimmering sun

Her name was as her words
Flavorful steam – never smoke
It would drift down my lungs
As if I was swallowing a song
Where it would warm my ventrals
And be compressed into diamond
While I rattle alongside her
In such chipper laughter

Her beauty blossomed from her smile
To the tips of her toes
I would stare at the sun
If her silhouette could be the last shadow I’d see

Her warmth spread from core to crater
She looked classic as an atom bomb
And drive-ins that run later
The cold light of the moon
Could only draw you to her arms

If I could drink every moment of her
I would never need to be sober
For that hazy dreamland
Found its home in her hands
A love without danger
With such a kindhearted stranger

Where Are You?

Where are you?
You, who was always picked second
While your friends stayed till the morning
In the houses of strangers

Where are you?
You, who cried cause you’re lonesome
And played the fool just to be able to play
With people who played you

Where are you?
You, whose heart is battered by truth
With cynicism filling in the cracks
Be both feel forming everyday

All I want is to find you
And hold you so tight
That these stone shells turn to dust
Not everyone gives up on love
Not everyone gives up on themselves
And not everyone gives up on one another

I wouldn’t know I wanted you
If I didn’t know you were there, somewhere
I want to share the world with you
I promise you
All I need to know is where


Confectioners kindness
Sprinkled down from her face
Grace and flirtations
Without Jesus or lace
Her sweetness destroyed me
From no more than a trace
For my bitter form
Deserved no such taste