Bright Idea

The brightest ideas tapped inside
Bulbs which hum opaque
The only evidence are burns
Or if onyx shell should break

The filaments so empty
In most vacuous of space
Two flickering glints of static
In the expression that I’d face

So why are we still doing this?
Asked the chicken and the egg
Is the fixture better left intact
Or is it best to break?



You’re my first and bottom line
My floating preposition
Before my each and every word
You pre- and transfix my ambition

You’re my muse of scattered comment
Aflight from long, and lengthy, sentence
And as your feathers brush my face
Cluched in your clause, yet independant

It seems you only fly at dusk
Punctual, there at the end.
…but I’m eclipsed within your inkwell
And the scars wherein you penned



She rolls and parts one eye to me
From shared pillow,
We coexist

Smirking lashes lie unmet
And for a moment
They persist

If I had opened mine by chance
My dawning love
I would insist

But love was there in crescent glance
And it was felt
Though it was missed

There wasn’t need to say a word
Just musing glimpse
So soft and swift
And as she settles back to sleep
Who needs for dreams
While she exists?


Once in a While

Once in a while
When something lovely stays your view
Two steps from falter,
and one step back
To appreciate something beloved
Or something so very new

Once in a while
On an incidental spark of bliss
Little zap from my finger,
With sensation that lingers
Cobalt light from the dark
That once I had missed

Once in a while
When something soothing speaks to you
Out of tears which don’t sting,
From the silence it sings
I don’t recognize the words
But I know that they’re true

And once in a while
When something lovely stays your view
I’m two steps from falter-
But only one away from you.
Crooning cobalt flickers
While the soothing sunrise stays
With you, once in a while
Could mean every single day



Graphite pockmarks pinned to my face
A place once scored
With too much blank space.
Higher or lower, she asks
Not the time or place.
For what difference does it make?
They couldn’t erase.

Stripped thin pocketbook falls from my waist
In last lingering page, x’s and o’s
A cat’s game.
Even if either had cheated,
We’d still be in the same place
And what difference does it make?
They couldn’t erase.

Have I degraded to the point of being average?
Maybe if those scales hadn’t failed,
Maybe if those notes hadn’t passed
What difference would it make?
They couldn’t erase.

So in the sum of my subtractions
Graphite, ash ridden kiss
Notebook, with game unfinished
Purveyor or betrayer,
An ex is what I am
And what difference do I make?
Other than being the one,
that they couldn’t erase.





The afterglow of lover’s kiss
Simmering there beside my navel
Lingering there upon my lips

And in her arms I’m made translucent
Heart exposed like ghostly fish
Glass perspires as I’m swimming
Drowning here in sweltering finish

Lighter here in locking fingers
Shadows dance in flickering flits
Flaking scales fall prismatic
Falling deep where feeling fits

And in this breathless exploration
I sink below the mind’s abyss
But in your light I’m guided safely
To places no longer amiss

Relieve me, dear, of deepest darkness
Bereave me with repleate sensation
Receive me free of condemnation
Releasing tears of soft indention

Afloat, adance, your limbs gyrarion
Wrapping me in whirling torrent
Enraptured here in swirling torment
Your siren bright and silent

As prison shatters, down we fall
To place once left unparched
We acclimate to sweeter tastes
While the prior dwells in parts

You’re the beacon from the house
Which brings the world into view
Watch from the window,
Wait for me,
As I wait for you

So overwhelming that your presence
Inturrupts the sentence
Your shape so soft and ever pleasant –