There You Remain

It wasn’t representative of anything else
Yet you stood there with me for a while
And while I tried to dispel any obligation
There you remained

I’m not quite sure what to hope for anymore
Aspiring for your heart wasn’t right
Yet every time I try to awaken
There you remain

It’s not a question of what you mean to me
But of what I don’t mean to you
And once again I dispel any obligation
Yet there you remain

It’s like some single-minded synapse
Felt happiness once on receiving your name
And in that ill-fitting yearning
There you remain

All my jubilant moments are eclipsed
Only by you in the foreground
And this dark thought worries
If you dispel my love’s obligation
There you’ll remain




The healthiest pill is often most bitter
My attachment the crippling symptom
Sucralose grains in my varcose veins
Kills my heart by not knowing distinction
My reception is lax,
out with my signals
And erstwhile gazes without recognition
When I look to her face, I see none of myself
Quite deserving of reciprocation

Burning her way through,
brain, tear ducts, and tissues
I shatter my smile
Bitter taste lost in crimson
Off track and terminal,
the cure reaches dermal
As virulent chemicals breach from the kernel




Scarlet Arcs

Impassioned by her scarlet arts which moderate impulse
Imprisoned by her scarlet arcs which monitor my pulse

Her rosy thighs inviting in the most exciting fashion
Arousing rousing highs with hazy eyes enticing passion

Aphasia going deep,
delicate, with eyes agaze
Ambrosia gliding sweet,
delicacy with mouth aglaze

Slide your scarlet arcs around me, any way that you would please
Inside your scarlet ark between the locking of your knees
The scarlet arcs departing leaving parting lipstick stains
A part of you still lingers while a part of you remains





The melancholy phlegmatic
Congested with emotion
Slumbering contently
In the castle of their dreams

The visceral humors
Of which we are composed
Are measured and flowing
Into everything we do

What vulgar beauty
Born from biology
Becomes the gilded words
Of angelic songs

Organisms lifted from mud
And from beneath wet rocks
Create the majesty of love
From the call of fornication

No great force gave us bile
Nor blood or mucus
The heaven we have painted
We paint from the mire
-pain, sorrow, and ire-
within ourselves