For Her

I’m working for her
But not quite towards her
This transient love that I long for
Not stricken with lonliness
But stricken with purpose
For a heart to give my life an encore
I gather my sticks
To build her a nest
And I’ll take to the sky when its proper
Yet in the meantime
I’ll yearn and I’ll rhyme
With romance as something I’ll wait for




Charming in her words
Uniquely chisled as her face
With marble eyes of fountains
In flowing soak encased

The silver stream like vapor
The rising steam of glance
To find a peerless longing
For a creature built of chance

Unique in every factor,
Every fracture,
Every fault,
Yet all of this together,
Captivates with its gestalt

For there is not a single line
Through which she’d be defined
Composed so very wonderous
As if plucked from dreaming mind


District Rain

Streets like canine noses
Afternoon rain subsides
Chilled particles dance upon the wind
While music plays inside

The city never sleeps,
They say,
It sits and sings the blues
Without the sun,
Without the moon,
We sway in foggy streetlight hues

With golden rays upon the street
Glisten green and red
As passing cars glide down below
Midst sunset aubergine

In gleaming mire of wake-ing tire
The streams of beige concrete
This hazy rain can soothe your pain
Through ambiance, replete


Dream: Sunset

Amber eyes
And fiery hair
I found you there
Sitting in an auburn chair
And deep within a dream

I pinch myself upon my heart
For in your gaze, at last it starts
And know we mustn’t be apart
In sunset made for two

Upon your leg I see a scar
And make my gaze not quite so far
Placing ice upon your calf
Compassion drawing forth a laugh

What follows is the swoon of love
Her humor fits like silken glove
And while the water perspirates
I am no more – invertebrate

There was no kiss
No rude caress
Merely a look which might impress
The feeling of my heart’s duress
To stay beyond the scar

Amber eyes
And fiery hair
A stranger whom I loved right there
Vanishes with morning air
Sun risen on the dream