Ruptured nimbus
The stem between us
Vinyl flowers bloom

Held betwixt
On fragile wrist
The onyx petal looms

Yet in its shade
Damp promenade
My fragile spirit swoons

On dewy petals
Eroma meddles
Soft as a infant plume

With scent of roses
Love imposes
The petrified perfume

Here in shelter
I swear I felt her
But I could not presume

Ruptured nimbus
Scent of roses
The rain subsides now
As it closes



Fair Weather

The moon silver lingers
Lingers silver in a bow
Loose and lovely on her head
As so above, as such below

Skin shines brighter than the days
Skin slides smoother than the rays
As they sneak beneath the waves
As their cheerful shadows play

Like ocean deep and vast
As seagulls call and pass
Your breath so warm and loving
That it strains the crooked mast

A heart not made for whether
Weather fair or tempest tossed
Fairweather calling in the dusk
With silky sunburned elbows crossed


Fresh Air

Fragrance wandering through
Soft and subdued
Perfume of passion
As my heartache secludes
Your words never rude
You smartly exude
That wit and repose –
What I crave to include
My urge for you smolders
Far from reveries lewd
Let me wander beside
While you quell solitude



The silken base of a feather
The oily gradient of a flower petal
The chromatic sky leading to dusk

All things I saw so clearly in my youth
Yet I lacked to words to speak of
So now I hold the words in my throat
But gasp them away
As I have lost the beauty

Perhaps that which is truly beautiful
Is only that without definition?
My poems, are but shadows on the wall
Of emotions never clearly grasped
My dream love, is but a feeling in my soul
Never to be given form

Yet tears exist as glistening hope
For they are come from our hearts
And leave puddles on the earth
Perhaps the translation is possible
Perhaps my words will caress someone
Perhaps a love will find my arms

I’ll find beauty once more
Have the words for it
And remain silent
Just as I should have