In That Moment

Hold me in your arms
Just one more moment before you go
And in that moment, I’m sure I’ll know
All that moment could have been

Within that listing nuzzle:
A final breath,
A final beat

Each interrupted,

Replacing in their dying space
New pulse and sigh interpolates

In that moment
I’m someone new
I am not me
You are not you
We entered lovers
Left as friends
Moment over as it ends



Stay With Me

Stay with me
As carmine kisses cling to glass
Stay with me
As salmon sunsets slowly pass
Stay with me
As honeyed pictures fade away
Stay with me
As emerald fields turn to grey
Stay with me
As azure waters turn to air
Stay with me
As vervain stardust dances there

Stay with me
I’m frightened of the empty sky
Stay with me
Without you would my colors die?
Stay with me
Won’t lose you to the blank unknown
Stay with me
This pain we draw is all our own

Stay with me



Like my breaths and like my words,
I ramble in your heed
Scrambling for some clever phrase
To vocalize my need
For whatever this feeling is,
Inside, which you have freed

My mind goes numb,
My message jumbles,
My head and heart and words all fumble
Yet from far within this nervous jungle
For your favor – I proceed
In your courtship – you succeed



Standing by a crumbled bridge
Where her and I were meant to meet
Halted in this fated path
With reconstruction incomplete

Yet I don’t linger like a hound
For what use is distress
Time shant hasten for a sound
Nor guarantee duress

And so I stride along the shore
Taking in the scenery
Confident that only time,
And route keeps you from me

Perhaps along the way I’ll find
Another place to cross
When looking to the world around
No time is truly lost

And when the bridge is finally done
I’ll wander to your arms
With memories upon the shore
Assuring you’re the one



For we are boundless, endless
Breadthless and breathless
These waves of potential finding the furrows of the world around us
We have everything, and just enough

Enough to choose our own way,
But a single way
The stoic poise of choice
And the staggering weight of the costs
Things never gained but somehow lost
But only if you let it linger

For from our finger
We carve our own way
Fingertips sanded free of identity given
And etching our fingerprint upon the world.
Let this linger

The path you’ve paved and the place where you rest your feet upon it
Let this linger
The peaks and fissures, kissed by time and turned to silken dunes
Let this linger
We were made to be infinite
But meant to be eternal
And may contentment linger

For drowning in the breadth of what could have been, is truly the end
The tide rises,
Furrows turn to wrinkles,
And are finally uncarved
Awaiting the next one to make their mark