Ping Pong

Ping pong
Love’s song
Light and bright and airy
Moving with velocity
But never seeming scary
Battering and bantering
Just above the net
A heart with muscle memory
Never to forget
Across the plane
Upon my brain
The rhythm of the bounce
We sheepishly call out the fouls
But never really counts




Gravitating, in a sense
Captivated, in a trance
Though not to looks or affluence
But some kind force –
Without romance
Be still my heart, my mind’s adance
Adrift in verbal effuence
And swirling thoughts of confidance
With yearning hopes of permanence



There’s value found in loneliness
You don’t have to look too far
You might wish for company
But lonesome soul is who you are

It isn’t bad to be with way
And blessed with some perspective
For when you finally give your heart
You’ll be much more protective



Admit this romance as it rains
Atop windshields and windowpanes
Words clung to glass, transparent veins
With pittering lyrics, soft refrains

Don’t wring the deluge from your hair
Sink in the loving, leave it there
In tangled knots without a care
There on your mind, and everywhere