I loved her with the whole of my heart
All that I could give her
I miss her with the hole in my heart
Never to forget her

I lost the most important thing
That I could ever grasp
And now I croon incessantly
Still injured by the past

I loved her with all that I had left
My twilit hope has ended
With final breath being her name
Mortality expended



As paper flaps elope
And rosy purfume lingers
I seal closed the envelope
Betwixt nostalgic fingers

The binding coalescing
Flavor still upon my tongue
The bittersweet addressing
Knowing that note is done

And in some time it slips away
Ravor thin upon the shelf
But I found it once again today
And I couldn’t help myself

But the scent or roses wasn’t there
Only wrinkled plumes and rot
The honest price of memories
Which should have been forgot

I see now why it wasn’t sent
I couldn’t quite impose it
After opening a fragile heart
It’s much harder to close it


When We Were Young

She was young
And I was too
So young once,
That now all I recall is the good
But better to dwell on that,
And on her

She was pretty,
Not sensuous,
Or any other velutinous stem
From the soft stalk of beauty

One head crowned with suggestive tulips
But hers was a sunflower
Broad and vigilant
Confident but humble

I recall the things that made me care
The time she spent with me
The attention she gave
And in a few instances-
The kindness she spoke to me

For we were young and silent
Unaccustomed to words
Better off with laughing and playing
Never saying the things we felt
And never missing them,
Until we could speak their names


Our Space

Caught her like a falling star
Worn so very small
Broken up by memories
And bygone lover’s call
But do not cry, dear little star
Perhaps it’s time to fall
So you can rise up on your own
And shine strongest of all

Yet now my eyes cannot meet yours
The flames too bright and distant
And as you shimmer there above
My heart grows more insistent
Up in the sky, your brilliant face
Enlightened and consistent
My foolish body burns away
My longing too persistent

I fell for you, and now I rise
Once withered by the rays
Finding now, my surest home
Here, furthest from your gaze

My pale bones, not right for you
Are scattered through the sky
Between the void of shining lights
Unseen by naked eye
You lighted me when I was dark
My cold reflective face
Yet there’s no need to wait for you
We each prefer our space

But constellations come and go
With darkness calling soon
So should you ever flicker out
I’d always be your moon



Felt alone
Cause I thought I should
Told to feel this way
Incomplete without a love
Sold to me each day
Yet what I want is not a tide
I won’t succumb to waves
And when I find just what I need
It wouldn’t pull away
Felt alone
But not afraid
Despite what I was told
Not falling for the sterling trends
I’m waiting for the gold



Wound frail aorta
Pulse far from ataractic
Emphatic, my loveless anorexia
Pathetic, my soundless aphasia

Rend this troubled mind from better times
An imposition unwanted
Participation without consent
Never there, yet omnipresent

Euthanize me with a dream
Humanize this ghastly scheme
Banshees wail, spectors stay
Spectate the funerals, the song’s decay

Aortic valve, this organ’s scream
Shrieking pipes emphasizing
Wound frail aorta
Sort of a spring
With clock run silent, never to sing



Your thrice melted steel
Stole my breath in the night
Not a scream,
But a gasp
Not a sound,
But a sight

Blood of red,
Eyes of green
Falling snow,
Pale white
With breastplate unfastened
And shoulders made light
Eyes of red,
Blood unseen
Pale snow,
Falling white
With heartbreak thrice fashioned
Fitting end for a knight