Realism is a famine
Happiness, a breadcrumb trail
Already for the birds
And fading with each step

Realism is a burden
An onus, an albatross
You carry the weight for others
And silence, the heaviest cost

A cynic
So pessimistic
Your warnings warrant only spite

I wish there was some silver lining
Some whimsical end for dreary verse
But I’ll be realistic
I’ll be honest
It gets worse


All Right

Ignorance is bliss
Or so it goes
Truth is a tear that won’t ever close
You’re alright when you’re wrong
You feel wrong when you’re right
Left with the guilt, and met with the spite
Always feeling below
To give scale to the height
From high on a mountain
The sun might seem bright
Though it’s nary a salt grain
In the dead sea of night


Going Through

“I’ve been going through some stuff”
She lies beside me
And speaks the truth
Thin smoke trailing from her lips
Twisting as it rises
A peak and trough for every syllable

I look upon her face
Freckles of ash
And eyes red,
Though not from the smoke
“I’ve been going through some stuff too”
I say to her
And watch the serpent leave my lips
Her face tightens
A blank stare of true empathy
“It will get better”
She says

The orange ember sinks
Closer to our lips with each moment
The warmth gets closer to our cheeks
Ever closer, yet still a danger
Right before it meets us both
The flavor fades
And all that’s left is destined ash
Just shy of finding the flame
As the past fades into the night sky



We aren’t made to do anything
Just programmed to do something
There is no great motherboard
Up in the sky
All we are, are dysfunctions
Hiccups and hacks
Not afraid of frayed circuits
Burnt out filaments
Clothed in cracks
We’re programmed to spread
Yet never update
Buffering old editions
Till it was too late



Likely better off dead
Failure in ever word I speak
Every thought I have
Every crack in my spirit
Every dent in my head

I’ve failed my friends
I’ve failed myself
I’ve failed my lover
And failed her health
I’ve failed my hopes
I’ve failed my needs
I’ve failed my future
With every breath that I breathe

I had a love which buried
Every failure in recess
She thought I wasn’t hopeless
And that I was a success
But my failings found a foothold
And my failure caused distress
Seems even love can’t save me
Of my failure, I’m possessed